Basics Of Physical Fitness

By Pattie S Christensen, Esq

1. Do Something!

The first step in physical fitness is simply to do something. Be active. MOVE! It doesn't really matter so much what you are doing, just do something. If that means cranking up the dance party music and dancing around the house, then go for it! 

It is too easy to say, "I will start getting fit when..." Not allowed. You don't need a when to start getting fit!

2. Keep It Reasonable!

Keep your fitness goals reasonable, especially at first. Don't have a goal to burn an extra 1000 calories a day when you currently exercise 0 calories a day. 

Start small but with steady increases. By increasing steadily, you will improve your fitness and endurance and reaching your goals will sneak up on you. You will be a fitness machine before you know it. 

Of course, if you have health restrictions, keep those in mind and see a doctor if you have to.

3. Make It Fun!

Does running for an hour on a treadmill sound fun? Heck no! But what about going dancing at the hot new club? Or going on a long hike with your best friend? For your fitness changes to be lasting, you have to want them to be. 

So think about it... What do you love to do? Dancing? Hiking? Kick boxing?

4. Mix It Up!

Variety is the spice of life! 

Doing the same thing over and over can get boring and make it easier to quit. Mix it up! Have different activities at different intensity levels scattered throughout the week. Maybe walking with your nighbor; yoga in the AM; basketball with the buds in the afternoon... 

Changing it up is good for your motivation and also good for your heart!

5. Bring On The Buddies!

If possible, have some activities with friends. Not only will it seem more fun, but it will be harder to quit. 

Working out or doing activities with your friends will help you to stay motivated. Plus you will have someone to highlight your improvements. Positive reinforcement always helps!

6. To Gym Or Not To Gym?

That is the question. Personally, I am not a gym person. I know this about myself. I think it odd to get in a car to go somewhere to exercise. Plus, I don't like being around smelly people. And I am cheap. However, other people find that belonging to a gym helps to keep them motivated by having others around them and by feeling obligated to get their money's worth. Whether you should gym is a personal question that only you can answer.

7. Holistic

Remember, it is not just about exercising. Burning calories is only half of the equation. The other half is looking at what you are taking in. All of the exercise in the world will not help if you eat terribly! 

To get a jump start on your physical fitness, look at nutrition fitness too. Are you filling your body with healthy whole foods? Or junk and chemicals? While exercise helps you to feel better, so does eating well. 

Also, look at your other lifestyle choices. Obviously smoking and excess drinking are unhealthy! But also, living a "Jerry Springer lifestyle" is not good for you either. Don't attact things into your life which bring you stress and bad feelings.

8. Keep At It!

Don't expect to become a fitness diva overnight. 

Just keep plugging away. Take time to notice the improvements that are made. Bask in the beauty of the new you. 

Keep a fitness diary to monitor your progress. Be sure to write down how you feel each day so that you can relate your sense of well being to your fitness goals. Have fun!!