7 Effective Core Teaching Strategies That You Need To Know

By Honey Krumholz

Sometimes teachers may be overloaded with the many different teaching strategies, teaching methods and ideas that they are exposed to.

Please remember that since these are your students and this is your classroom, you are in control of the rules.

As I have told my student teachers, and new or inexperienced teachers that I have mentored; observe, if you can, different teachers and take note of their teaching strategies and read about advise that experienced teachers have written. Then, decide which strategies are best and which fit your teaching style with your students.

Here are my top “7 Essential Core Teaching Strategies” that have held true for me throughout my 33 years of teaching from K-6.

1. Classroom Management is the most critical teaching strategy. Learn to apply the some of the teaching strategies that fall with this broad topic and you’ll find teaching success throughout your teaching career. Classroom Management is a broad theme that includes many subject areas including proper classroom behavior and discipline, establishing classroom rules, communicating effectively, and managing classroom time.

2. Know your students well. You should have different expectations for each one of your students. It is imperative to create a genuine bond with them (by the way that works both ways).

3. Motivate and encourage your students to set some goals for themselves, then help them to reach their goals and move on to a new set of goals.

4. Create a strong Teacher Student Relationship. Trust must be earned, show respect, be honest, display compassion, and always be positive. Let students know that they matter to you and hopefully they will follow suit. All this will build self-esteem in your students.

5. Parent teacher communication is Crucial. Keep in mind to consistently be approachable, informed, diplomatic and always professional (even if parents are more like friends to you). Remember parents must be accountable to their child, themselves, and believe it or not … to you too.

6. Be Accountable … You are responsible to your students (foremost), their parents, your school, and of course, to yourself. This is an on-going process everyday, week, and month of the school year. It is imperative that you always keep that in mind.

7. To be truly successful in this great profession, you must have a real passion for it. A passion to have fun with your students, pass on your knowledge to them and watch them grow throughout the year(s).

As you progress and gain experience in our great profession, I know that you will realize that using the teaching strategies that I have briefly described here will make you a better teacher. Incorporate them into your daily routines and both you and your students will greatly benefit.

Good Luck with these strategies!