Tay's Beauty Corner

By Taylor Woods

1. Skip the foundation!

If you don't have to, then don't! A little powder will finish you off! If you already have pretty skin, then why mess with it. All you will do is set yourself up for acne. 

But, if you are like me and foundation is needed, moisturize first! Foundation is easier to apply and will look nicer if you have that layer of moisturizer. 

Have trouble finding the right color? 

It sounds easy but a lot of women forget that they can take their old bottle into the store to match it right up!

2. Never rub in concealer!

I know this from watching the Tyra Banks show! 

When applying concealer, put a bit on the pad of your middle finger and pat it in. Never rub. Rubbing only wastes the product and can give you dark circles! 

Got acne? Pat the concealer on top of it to make it disappear!

3. Play up either your eyes OR your lips!

If you decide to wear bold eye-shadow, pair it with glossy or nude lips. With bold lips, make the eye more natural and classic. Making up both will only make you look over-done or trashy!

4. Natural hair is always hot!

Ok, Hair is MY THING! 

Late 2006 and now 2007 is all about looking natural yet being fabulous. Try taking your hair-color back to your natural shade then either low-light with dark or high-light just to add the dimension. Hair ALWAYS looks more healthy and full with more than one color! 

Want an EASY style? 

Keeping it natural looking, take a curling iron, (the larger the barrel- the larger the wave) and wrap dry hair AROUND the barrel. This will give hair a natural curl to either finger through, OR Spray your hair (holding the Hair-spray at arm's length) then shake your hair upside down. This will give you a more voluminous and sexy look!

5. Layers are perfect for ALL hair-types!

I think we all have had our fair share of bad hair-cuts! That is why when you go to a salon... know EXACTLY what you want! A hair-dresser's job is to make you happy and to make you feel beautiful... 

Remember that there is a difference between short and long layers. Realize that they both effect your hair in different ways. Ask your hair-dresser which cut best fits your hair-color but still... Make it your own!!

6. Bronzer for colds?

That is right! Bronzer can be your best friend whether you are just sparkling up your T-zone... making winter's foundation match your new summer tan or if you are feeling AND looking sick, powder some bronzer for the extra color!

7. Acne ruining your life?

I've been told a million times, 'If you have acne, call the dermotologist!' but, I never did! I only used Proactive for 3 weeks and it changed my skin COMPLETELY! Also, for a QUICK, FREE fix.... ALWAYS wash your face before bed! Cleanse your face in warm water and then rinse in cool. The warm water will open your pores for cleaning then the cool will close your pores and keep your face healthy! 

It is good to do a facial or mask once a week to remove dead skin cells... ALWAYS MOISTURIZE!!!

8. Tanning Beds: Good or Bad?

Oily or Acne skin has been proven to clear up in Tanning beds! Of course going to the Tanning booth on a regular basis is bad... but tanning maybe twice a month will not only give your body a little extra color but it could help to give you pretty, clear skin!

9. Block that sun!

I honestly would never put Sun-screen on! And yes... I love to be tan! But think of it this way, spend 5 minutes, at the most, putting sun-screen on OR be an old-looking woman. HECK NO! 

Remember, the Sun's UV rays can still penetrate clouds!

10. Don't skip the nails!

Do you hate manicures? SO WHAT! People do notice your hands... sometimes your hands are the first thing others see! Trimming and keeping the under-neaths clean is a must! 

NO excuse for long toenails either! Plus.... how are you supposed to Rock those new heels if you have some dirty toes?

11. Thick eye-liner.. OUT!

To follow the late 2006 and the NEW 2007 trends, everything is more natural. That doesn't mean you can't GLAM all out... this season try to avoid lining the bottom lid. This only makes your eyes look smaller! 

Try lining your top lash line.... this will give you fuller eye-lashes! If you want even more natural, smudge the line.

12. Oily hair?

We have all been in a hurry! Don't have time to wash your hair? Did the humidity make your hair flat and oily? 

Try using baby powder in your crown and on the roots! By sprinkling powder to your scalp, it will soak up the oil! 

Warning Brunettes! The white may show up on your hair... Dry using a dry shampoo.

13. Silky Legs... STAT!

Shave your legs last! By showering first, you are giving your legs and the hair time to soften in the warm water. So, when you shave... it allows you to get closer and keeps your legs silkier. 

Also, don't worry about buying the more expensive women's shaving cream. It is exactly the same as the men's but only you get a more pleasant smell. If you can deal with the norm. then don't waste money! 

Try using a multi-bladed razor with conditioning strips. 

HINT: Once I feel like the razor is making my skin dry, I know it's time for a new blade!

14. What do people compliment most on?

What do people say is your best quality? Eyes? Then play them up with colors that will make your eye-color pop! Do people tell you that you have beautiful lips? Wear a bold color or wear a lot of gloss to show it off! PLAY UP YOUR BEAUTY! 

Also, wear colors that are flattering to your skin-tones and hair. Why make us look worse then we really are?

15. Dry Skin?

Body scrubs are GREAT for dry skin! If your skin is itchy in the winter... invest in a good scrub and hand-mitts, then scrub that dry skin away! Make sure to put on a thick layer of lotion or moisturizer afterward to keep your skin healthy and smooth. Remember that moisturizer protects your skin too! 

Dry, calloused feet: Buy a pumice stone. They work better than any other product out there!

16. Last but not least...

Always remember- Beauty is always internal! Think about a girl you know that is over-weight, yet everyone loves her. Why? Because she is confident! 

Even without hair, make-up and all our fancy beautification secrets... As long as you are confident and smiling, you will be at least 10 times prettier than the self-conscious beauty queen next to you... GUARANTEED!