"Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned." - Mark Twain.

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Education is the one sure fire way to independence and success. Education doesn't just mean getting a college degree; it also means learning new crafts and skills and then sharing that knowledge with others. Expanding our knowledge base also expands our circle of friends.

Pattie S. Christensen, Director


women ed links
Here are a few web sites that focus on women-related curricular and other issues in higher education.

The National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (NCWGE)
The National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (NCWGE) is a nonprofit organization of more than 50 groups dedicated to improving educational opportunities for girls and women.
Subscribe to the only national monthly publication to support women on campus, a 24-40 page news journal designed to enlighten, encourage, empower and enrage.
Excelsior College is a leading innovator in non-traditional college education. Excelsior College has a respected nursing program.



Book Reviews

Talking From 9 to 5, by Tannen, reviewed by TBD, This is a book that comes highly recommended but has not yet been reviewed by a member of our staff

Value-Based Fees: How to Charge and Get What You’re Worth,, by Alan Weiss, reviewed by Pattie, This book shows a business owner or professional how to charge fees based on perceived value -- how to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Use Your Own Corporation to Get Rich, by McQuown, reviewed by Pattie, This book contains tax saving tips when you own your own corporation.

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got, by Abraham, reviewed by TBD, This is a book that comes highly recommended but has not yet been reviewed by a member of our staff

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, reviewed by Pattie, The basic concept of this book is that you attract that which you desire (whether good or bad). While a little commercial in nature, the principles appear sound and I personally put it to the test. I find that focusing on goals, visualizing your future and taking positive steps are great habits.

The Dip, by Godin, reviewed by TBD, This is a book that comes highly recommended but has not yet been reviewed by a member of our staff

The EMyth Manager, by Gerber, reviewed by TBD, This is a book that comes highly recommended but has not yet been reviewed by a member of our staff

Smart Women Finish Rich (on CD), by David Bach, reviewed by Pattie and LauraE, Pattie: This book / CD is a MUST-READ / MUST LISTEN for all women... and probably men too. It walks through the basics of financial awareness and intelligence. This is one that you will want to keep handy to fall back on. Because tax laws change, you will want to double check the tax limitations that he provides. I cannot stress enough the importance of fiscal responsibility and security and the peace that will bring to you life. LauraE: “We are all playing the money game whether we want to or not. Question is, are we winning?” This bold, yet true, statement rings so loudly we all need to stop and listen! When we are armed with even a bit more information than we had before, we are bound to make better financial choices. Need proof? Author David Bach points to the fact that women’s investment clubs have outperformed men’s nine out of the last 12 years. There is a place for women (YOU!) in the traditionally male world of finance. Using anecdotes (some very “cheesy” I have to admit), Mr. Bach uses things that often appeal to women to explain the need and benefit of learning and living a financially smart life. You’ll learn what the “Latte Factor” is. Is there an earth-shattering revelation to wealth and financial security in this book? No. We hear the same principles time and time again. However, I am always a fan of reading or listening to financial self-help books—I like the reminder! With each dose of information I achieve a greater understanding of the world of finance. I get invigorated to improve our financial life in my home in some way.

Power vs. Force, by David R. Hawkins, reviewed by Pattie, This book is not a light read. Skip the introduction. But I highly recommend it because it shows what effect different emptions and attitudes have on your energy. Reminds me of being around people who 'suck the life out of me' because they are at a lower energy level.

The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, by Long et al, reviewed by Pattie, This book shows all different types of medications - what they look like; what they treat, etc.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Lencioni, reviewed by TBD, This is a book that comes highly recommended but has not yet been reviewed by a member of our staff

Double Your Energy (on CD), by Bob and Dierdre Griswold, reviewed by Pattie, This CD contains positive affirmations set to music. Bob and Dierdre say quick motivational statements, such as, 'I am calm,' which you then repeat out loud. They recommend that you do the exercises twice a day for thirty days to reprogram your brain. I find myself feeling more energized after doing a session.

The Courage to be Rich: Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance, by Suze Orman, reviewed by Pattie, Do you have the courage to be rich? I would have not thought that it took courage to be rich, but after reading this book (and taking lots of notes!), I believe it! Choices, my friends, choices– from the smallest (like upgrading your hand soap) to bigger (a 15-year vs. 30-year home loan and saving well into SIX FIGURES over the life of the loan), it all adds up. In The Courage to be Rich, Suze includes facts and stories that we can easily relate to, including some of her own. The book is conveniently broken up so it could be used as a reference guide if we are questioning something specific, such as funerals or home buying. Does it work?? Well, after I read this book, I talked to my husband and we have refinanced our home to a 15-year loan (ok, ok, I didn't even get through it before we started the process... I couldn't sleep knowing how much money we were losing!). I am also currently researching where the most ideal place is to put a small sum of money to “work” for us, AND I feel much more satisfied with my dollar store hand soap in the bathroom vs. the $3 smell good foaming one most of us know and love. I'm learning and finding my courage!

Unleash the Inner Healing Power of Foods, by The Editors of FC&A Medical Publishing, reviewed by LauraE, Did you know that eating a lot of vegetables can cut a man’s risk of prostate cancer by about 45 percent? There are 11 foods that aren’t kind to your kidneys. Any guesses? What is gout? Who gets it? What are the symptoms? What changes can a person make in their diet to help lesson or prevent gout flare-ups? These questions are answered, along with so many more, in Unleash the Inner Healing Power of Foods. With a very helpful Table of Contents, using chapter headings such as “Attack asthma with ease,“ “Foods that fight gallstones,” and “Upping your odds against skin cancer,” you can go directly to the information that relates to a specific condition, or simply read for the wonder and knowledge of what our beautiful earth provides us for our health and betterment. This book will become quite handy in easing one or more ailments that you or your family suffer from!

The Color Code: A New Way To See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life, by Taylor Hartman, reviewed by LauraE, By now, I’m near positive that we all have heard of The Color Code. Does a red, white, blue, or yellow personality type ring a bell? Surely many of us have been told by someone (who thinks they have us pegged), “Ahhh…it’s because you are [fill color in here].” Infuriating, right? Tell me about it.

Because of the above scenario, I have resisted reading this book. I don’t like to be told who I am. I finally read it anyway. Turns out, it’s much better coming from a true professional rather than a —insert desired adjective here!— relative.

Read this book. Don’t skip to the “test” just to find out your personality color(s). Start at the beginning and read. You’ll find it helpful and interesting! When I got to the test, honestly answering the questions, and found my core color I was surprisingly emotional when reading about myself—someone “got” me! Some of my battles are just part of who I am. I can stop trying to erase them, because not possible!, and start finding ways around them and simply accepting myself.

Read this book. And for heaven’s sake…let everyone else discover their own personality color without you telling them who they are, or you will run the risk in becoming that relative.

Difficult Conversations: How To Discuss What Matters Most, by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Shiela Heen, reviewed by LauraE, “Asking for a raise. Ending a relationship. Giving a critical performance review. Saying no to someone in need. Confronting disrespectful or hurtful behavior. Disagreeing with the majority in a group. Apologizing.” (page xxvii)

Most of us say, “Ouch, ouch, and ouch!” These are extremely hard conversations to have be it with friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even our own children. A difficult conversation is anything you find it hard to talk about.

Clear and instructional, reading and implementing the strategies outlined in this book can help you navigate through even the toughest of conversations. In particular, I appreciate the checklist found on page 233. It could be used for a quick brush-up before entering a difficult conversation.

The 10th-anniversary edition includes the main text of the original publishing intact, and also includes “Ten Questions People Ask About Difficult Conversations.” This section is a great addition to the book.

Be brave!—and give this book a real, honest try.

Entering the Now, by Eckhart Tolle, reviewed by LauraE, In Entering the Now, we hear an excerpt of classes taught by Eckhart Tolle. You hear the intensity of his voice at times, he chuckles at his own jokes, and allows time (sometimes I wondered if the cd stopped working!) and space within it for thought and inspiration. My first experience with Mr. Tolle, I almost turned it off thinking that I didn’t have time for the silence. But, I persisted, and ironically he speaks on this very idea of time and space as it creates an opportunity for an elevated state of consciousness. I’d been nabbed! I kept listening, growing accustomed to the words and silence, and am happy I did. I am starting on a long journey to understanding the power of my own now.

Excerpted from the full-length audio course Realizing the Power of Now, and a newer title in the “Power of Now” teaching series, this audiobook is a good (and short!) place to start listening to Eckhart Tolle as you become accustomed to his unique teaching style.

The Writer’s Little Helper, by James V. Smith, Jr., reviewed by LauraE, Do you have a story to tell? One that you are sure is a great novel? You think you have the characters developed, plot line tightened, dialogue nailed. But…how do you take that story in your head to a best-seller? Perhaps The Writer’s Little Helper can help!

The Writer’s Little Helper covers all aspects of the writing experience, including character, plot,editing, word choice, and many more. Writer’s block?—it’s covered. This book is organized in such a way that you can read it from to cover to cover, or by one area that you may be struggling with at that time. The chapters are short (average 2-6 small pages with lots of space to not look or feel cluttered) and are packed with insight, dos, and don’ts.

I daresay that if you are writing a book, or want to begin writing a book, with The Writer’s Little Helper you’ll quickly be on your way to a published author (oh yah, there’s several chapters on that too).

Learn How To Think Positively, by Glenn Harrold, reviewed by LauraE, Learn How To Think Positively is an audiobook with the intent to help its listeners think more positively in hope of facilitating positive changes as you move throughout the days and weeks to come.

There are two thirty-minute tracks on this CD. Track 1 guides you into deep relaxation to a place where the habit of positivity can be formed. Track 2 is meant to help you use the full power of your imagination.

As always, you should not listen to this in your car! The sounds are meant to penetrate deep into your mind and can become a distraction whilst driving. In fact, it is suggested that you listen using headphones to get the full effect of the hypnotherapy through the sound as it travels.

If you are struggling with positivity, put some headphones on and relax listening to the sounds and positive affirmations! With just 30 minutes to dedicate, you will hopefully begin to see the world and your place in it as brighter and better.

The Marshmallow Test, by Walter Mischel, reviewed by LauraE, Chances are pretty great that you are familiar with, or in the very least have heard of, The Marshmallow Test—the Stanford study by author Walter Mischel that first took place in the early 60s (and then again in the 80s). This is the test that placed preschoolers in a room with their treat of choice and were told that they could either eat the small portion now, or if they waited a time their reward would be doubled. The scientists were observing and studying the idea of delay gratification, or self-control.

Because Mischel’s daughters had friends that were a part of the original test and through casual dinner conversations, Mischel started wondering if there was not a connection between the child’s ability to delay gratification and how their lives were playing out…follow-ups were conducted over many years and new life was breathed into The Marshmallow Test.

Turns out our ability to delay gratification, even if not inherent, can be learned. It can affect our entire life, even the ability to set ourselves up (or not!) for retirement, breaking bad habits, and keeping relationships from falling apart. We CAN change the way we think.

The Grassfire Effect, by Steve Elliott, reviewed by LauraE, Have you ever seen a grassfire, or any fire, burn? Now imagine the way it grows, reaches beyond itself and catches onto everything in its path. To me, fire is mesmerizing and beautiful in its own right. Now, have you considered how that fire began? Yes, from one tiny spark. It just takes one spark and off it goes.

The is the same concept that the book, The Grassfire Effect, was created from. The idea that this book can “help people from all walks of life take the small spark of an idea or dream and turn that spark into a world-changing grassfire.” You may think that your idea is not world changing, but it is…your world.

I like the concept of this book. It seems that if you have an idea and need some encouragement and a little bit of structure this may be the thing that will propel you forward into action. The format includes “Key Effects” and “Fire Starters” that follow the chapters. This is a great way to quickly refresh what you have read and promote thinking and structure for your idea.

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